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Celebrating the Old Town Community

Tierney's Cafe and Tavern


in 1885, Dr. J. W. Kennedy commissioned his new home and office to be built.  He set up residence in the East wing and his practice in the the West. twenty eight years later, in 1913, Dr. Kennedy passed away.  His son remained in the home as a guest of the new owners, until he passed away in 1915, two years later.

Dr. Kennedy is often rumored to have been kidnapped, blindfolded and taken to the hideaway of Bonnie and Clyde.  Unfortunately, the timelines don't work,  as Dr. Kennedy was dead and buried some  17-20 years prior. 

In 2001, Greg Tierney opened the Grill and Tavern, successfully combining his breakfast and lunch menu from Mill Street Cafe and the lunch and dinner menu from his Lake Dallas Duck Inn.  You should consider stopping in for their legendary potato chip chicken and their award-winning pies!

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J2 Steakhouse

J2 Steakhouse
119 E Main Street
Lewsiville, TX

A true Lewisville landmark, having been open to the public from 1885 until they closed their doors in 2011, The Old Feed Mill was recently renovated into a beautiful high-end steakhouse.  A beautiful mix of rustic charm and modern convenience is a far cry from the livery stable, agricultural hub, City Garage and Lewisville Feed Mill from the past.

Everything is house made from the pretzel bread to the ice cream.  The attention to detail is a common theme throughout.

Jim and Kerry Murray purchased the historic building from James and Virginia Polser in the Fall of 2016. The name J2 reflects both James and Jim; the past, present and future.

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In 1946, a gentleman down on his luck found himself a get-a-way driver and robbed the First State Bank of Lewisville.  When he emerged with the loot, he discovered his driver had left without him!  He turned and rean south on MIll Street.  He passed the local football team who were practicing in a recently chopped cotton field.  The entire team chased the man and subdued him in a field.  All the money was recovered and the Farmers of Lewisville were forever known as the FIGHTING FARMERS of LEWISVILLE!!

The bank is currently the home of Kris Tees T-Shirts and Embroidery.  They have spirit wear for all the Lewisville schools and Lake Dallas

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The Perc

The Perc Coffeehouse, Carl's Barbershop, Old Town, Craft Coffee

For 40 years, 115 W Main, was home to Carl's Barbershop.  His vintage barber chair sat prominently in the front of the space.  Gentlemen throughout the community would come to get a cut or shave while visiting with the other community members.  A true gathering space for Old Town.  In 2013, Carl came to work and decided he was done.  He hung a "gone fishin' " sign in the window and placed the space for sale shortly thereafter.

IN September of 2016, The Perc Coffeehouse opened their doors and continues to be a gathering spot for many in Old Town, as they attempt to resurrect residents in the morning before work.  The fine folks here are always ready to serve.

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Brilon Salon


With humble beginnings as a Dry Goods Store, 127 W. Main Street has been many things over the years, including a Speakeasy!!  The first owner of this space still wanders the halls making sure everyone is doing their job.  Disembodied voices have been recorded during just about every single tour!  Orbs are seen sweeping down the hall and emotional connections with the departed are a regular occurrence here.

Angela Miller began renovating this space in 2012, taking out over 4 tons of debris, exposing the original tin tiles and removing most of a wall that was installed in the 60's to divide the space into two retail spaces.

History N Mystery has exclusive access to this space and is where we begin and end our tours.

As a Redkin Summit Salon, Brilon offers a wide array of services for both men and women.  Come and check them out!

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The Old Town Winehouse

Old Town Wine House, Old Town, Chocolate Creme Brulee`

 The Old Town Wine House is a fantastic new addition to the livelihood on Main Street.  Owners Pam and Amy love all things wine and have added a top-notch chef who has expertly paired their wines with several delicious dishes. 

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2 to 2.5 hour walking tour of Old Town Lewisville where we explore the history of our settlement and the energy that remains. 

Our past is still present. 

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